How to get the right colour and tenderness in poultry

Every year at Thanksgiving certain people are fighting over the skin from the turkey. Getting a perfect colour as well as texture to your turkey skin also applies when smoking chicken thighs for a barbecue competition or smoking chicken in the back yard.

Here are some helpful tips on getting the perfect colour and tenderness.

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Brining your birds

Brining helps add moisture to poultry, but can have a negative effect on getting good bite through skin. It’s important to air dry your poultry for at least an hour when you brine to help dry the skin back out.

Put a rub on the skin with butter

Lathering the outside of your turkey skin with butter prior to putting a coat of rub on, or spraying the chicken skin with a spray margarine will not only help the skin get a beautiful golden brown colour, but it will also help with crisping up the skin.

Cover the bird

Once you receive the perfect colour you are looking for on your chicken skin, cover the bird with aluminium foil. This will actual prevent the skin from getting too dark, but it will also start to steam the skin which is another way to achieve the perfect bite through skin on competition chicken thighs.

Try these steps together the next time you’re smoking poultry in the backyard or on the competition circuit. You will get the results you’re looking for from the judges and the family!

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