How to use an injection for flavour

Pork shoulder and other large cuts of meats can benefit from an infusion of marinades for an added boost of flavour.

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  • Injection tools

    Injection tools

What is an injection?

  • In BBQ, an “injection” is a seasoned liquid injected into the raw meat using a large syringe.
  • An injection adds moisture to the meat for a juicier end product, enhances flavour, improves texture, and negates the need for marinating or brining.

Should you use an injection?

  • BBQ is all about personal preference. Plenty of pitmasters say salt, pepper, and smoke is all you need for excellent pork, whereas others find incredible value in using injections; they think of it as an insurance policy, making juicy BBQ a near sure-shot.
  • The photo shows examples of injection tools. The top two are what professional BBQ teams and restaurants might use. The bottom two are home-based versions you can buy in grocery stores.

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