Pulled Lamb Recipe


Learn James', The Tattooed Butcher’s method for Pulled Lamb using a Lamb Shoulder cut.

Cook the Lamb Shoulder low and slow for most tender and tastiest Pulled Lamb you’ve ever tried. Devour it on its own or pair it with taco’s for an epic meal.



Lamb Shoulder Culley’s Lamb and Rosemary Rub Sauce to bind


  1. Flip over your Lamb Shoulder onto the reverse side to remove the rib and neck bones. Follow all the way down the bone with a sharp knife, pushing the meat away from the bone as you go down.
  2. Follow down the neck before using the tip of the knife to make a clean cut before making a clean cut on the other side of the neck bone to remove completely.

HOT TIP – Watch the video to see exactly how James prepares and cuts his Lamb Shoulder for a step by step guide.

  1. Trim off any heavy excess fat whilst still leaving a little in places for flavour. James’s tip: There is loads of good fat inside the shoulder so you won’t lose any moisture when trimming the heavy fat from the top.
  2. Leave the blade bone inside, but now take out the remaining neck and rib bones.
  3. Layer the lamb with a rub of your choice, James used Culley’s Lamb & Rosemary rub for this recipe for an excellent match to the Lamb.

HOT TIP – Don’t be shy with your rub! Pile it on, the more the better.

  1. Cook the Lamb Shoulder for 5-6 hours on 275 degree Fahrenheit (135 Degrees Celsius).
  2. Foil wrap the Lamb with for the last 2-3 hours depending on feel and put back in the grill. You can also spritz the lamb and add Manuka Honey blends for extra flavour at this stage.
  3. Remove the Lamb Shoulder and use either meat claws or two forks to pull apart the lamb.
  4. Transfer to a foil tray and mix in a sauce of your choice.
  5. Devour instantly or store as a filler for some incredible meals.

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